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Albert Rusnak linked with Seattle Sounders move

The midfielder could end up at the same club as Freddy Juarez again.

Lucas Muller | RSL Soapbox

MLS is, well, weird.

And just when you thought it wouldn’t get any weirder (which, well, why would you think that? It will. It’s inevitable,) Albert Rusnak has been linked with Seattle Sounders.

That’s coming from Niko Moreno, a reporter and columnist who has contributed to Sounder at Heart, among other outlets.

It’s the sort of move that makes sense on the surface, but it flies in the face of what the club has been saying about Rusnak — that a deal was in the works, and that he would be a Real Salt Lake player in 2022.

While previous reports have seen Rusnak “targeted” by European clubs (which was more than likely just agent-talk,) this one seems a bit more likely. It passes muster from a feasibility perspective, too, Rusnak could easily make it to Seattle with MLS free agency.

We’ll keep listening for news on this one, but it sure doesn’t look good for RSL’s chances of keeping Rusnak at the club.