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RSL, unable to channel their passion, lose 2-0 in the Conference Finals.


MLS: Conference Finals-Real Salt Lake at Portland Timbers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

While focused from the look of things, RSL conceded within 10 minutes of the opening whistle off of a casual approach to clearing the ball out of danger. Aaron Herrera attempted to side foot the ball out of the box and ended up finding Portland who took full advantage of the mistake puting the Timbers up 1-0.

RSL did not seem overly phased by the early concession and battled on both sides of the ball creating a couple scoring chances that got close but not close enough. Kreilach had RSL's best chance with a header that ended with a Portland save and ensuing cheers of relief.

The half went on with some back and forth play until the ref sent them to the locker rooms.

RSL came out for the second half with the same lineup and had some decent bouts of possession leading to less than ideal shots off the mark.

About halfway into the second 45 Portland came directly at RSL and got a shot off around the top of the box that hit the post, bounced off of Ochoa's back while he was diving to save the ball, and ended up in the net. Portland found themselves up 2-0.

RSL made some aggressive subs trying to create more scoring chances but left themselves a little lopsided. In the 79th minute the Timbers worked their way up Herrera's side and Aaron made a tackle that earned him his second yellow card of the game forcing him to exit.

RSL tried to go back to the well of late game goals but the well looked like it had run dry.

Kreilach got his head on a ball with about 5 minutes left in regulation but it was saved. The visitors started whipping balls into the box but Portland defended well and kept the ball out of their own goal to earn the shutout and send RSL as well as their Cinderella run back to Salt Lake City for the remainder of the 2021 season.