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The Knee Jerk: RSL vs Portland Timbers

MLS: Conference Finals-Real Salt Lake at Portland Timbers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

And thus ends an interesting playoff run. I just got home from Providence Park (known locally as Pee Pee, I think) and it was, at least, a fun day in Portland with the family.

Portlanders cheered us and jeered us, but it was all good-natured and non-threatening. We were welcomed by Timbers fans and some dude sang a song at me about how SLC’s beer is weak. We sat deep in enemy territory. It was quite awkward, but never scary. So cheers to you, Portland Timbers, for welcoming us to your Pee Pee and hosting my family well and respectfully.

As to RSL’s play tonight? It was uninspiring. Those were two of the ugliest goals I’ve ever seen in person. Ugly goals happen. Too bad we had two happen tonight. Portland’s had our number all year. It’s disappointing, but not surprising, how things fell out. Let’s face it: we went further than anyone thought we were going to. So that’s a win.

The loss is sad.

Here’s to Philadelphia or NYCFC doing a number on the Timbers in the MLS Cup Final, because it would be profane to pull for any other Western Conference team.

Glad I got to throw some waves out to RSL fans who traveled to Oregon tonight. I also happened to be right there when the RSL bus pulled in, so we greeted the team as they entered the stadium. That was cool.

See you next year.