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Soapbox Oracle - 2021 Season Predictions

It’s the oracle, but not as you knew it... Predict the 2021 season.

I sadly have to announce that the Soapbox Oracle will not be returning in it’s traditional weekly format for 2021. While participation always seemed to start fairly well, it tapered off drastically by the end of the year with only a handful of people remaining; as such it seemed appropriate to retire it at this time. Who knows, it may make a comeback at some future date, so a big thank you to all who took part over the last few years!

However, just because it’s ending it’s original form, doesn’t mean it’s completely dead! We will still do the full-season predictions where you get to pick where each team will end up in both conferences, as well as your picks for MLS Cup, player awards (MVP, Goalkeeper, etc...), as well as RSL specific predictions.

About a week before RSL’s first game I’ll close the poll and give you a rundown of the predictions thus far.

Here’s the survey link if you can’t see it below.