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Player of the Match: Damir Kreilach shows his experience versus Nashville SC

Damir Kreilach did the Damir Kreilach thing and played 90 minute of clean soccer.

MLS: Nashville SC at Real Salt Lake Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps the most exciting thing that happened in this game was it being the club’s Pride Night and having rainbow numbers on the jerseys, but don’t let that understate Damir Kreilach’s night. Kreilach, and the defensive line that is.

In a goalless match, one thing was key for Real Salt Lake: don’t concede.

Offensively, the team was almost nonexistent. Nashville’s goalkeeper didn’t even technically register a save, but the defensive stability RSL showed was something important.

This is the team’s first shutout of the season which is going to be key moving forward. Kreilach’s steadiness in the midfield played a big role in this.

Although traditionally your midfield would, in theory, help more in the attack, a shutout is always a good thing. Kreilach was able to help keep a young backline in check especially with Erik Holt still taking the spot of an injured Marcelo Silva.

And, Kreilach did have a few decent looks offensively, too. It just didn’t seem to be anyone’s night. There were a lot of solid defensive performers, though.

David Ochoa notched three saves, Andrew Brody played yet another solid night. Brody is really proving that even when Aaron Herrera returns, Freddy Juarez may have to think twice about taking him out of the starting eleven. He’s done well adapting to the new style of play RSL is seeing this season.

Dominating the possession game is quickly not being RSL’s style anymore, but tonight that was different. With 55% of the possession RSL wasn’t catching anyone sleeping on a sneaky counterattack to get a goal, but the team played clean, defensive soccer.

It may have been a boring game but it was overall a good defensive effort from a team that is known for struggling defensively.

Now just to get the offensive firing again, while still keeping that defensive strength up.