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The Knee Jerk: RSL vs FC Dallas

MLS: Real Salt Lake at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

This week it’s about pieces for me. It feels like the square pegs and round holes cliche. At least Bobby Wood will be here soon to bring his dominance at center back! What’s that? Not a center back, you say. Then we should count on him for some real defensive midfield dominance. Eh? Not a midfielder, either?

A point on the road is good. A point on the road is good.

Rubio Rubin

Which leads me here. Rubin can’t carry the team by himself, but he’s sure trying. He’s putting in the work. This is his spot. I know Bobby Wood is the big name and the big money, but Rubin has earned that spot.


And so I’m back to pieces. Are we using the right pieces in the right places to best effect? Is there a better formation that we could employ? Who has free rein? Who locks down the areas?

And who comes off the bench? Remember all those years of Dunny shouting about how deep RSL’s bench is? I feel like now we’re stuck with some slim pickings off the bench. To the point that guys who could use a sub don’t get it because, well, there’s no one who’ll improve the situation.

We’ve got some big pieces, now let’s work on the little pieces. The pins and fulcrums that make the machine keep turning.


Something is off here. He’s lost his mojo. Let’s not forget the great things he’s done for us over the past couple of years, but he doesn’t look himself.

We could speculate all day about what’s going on, but in the end it’s on Rusnak and Freddy Juarez to fix this thing.


We shout about our pipeline. We have the academy. We have the Monarchs. Freddy Juarez has made his way through both. He needs time to learn and grow into his role. It might be tough. Ask Philadelphia about it. I think this team will go somewhere, though. There are bright spots. Like Kreilach.


How many Fruity Pebbles do you think Ochoa spills when eats his cereal? He seems to spill a lot. He stops shots, but he spills. Something tells me this is a weak spot that will get exploited.

Remember that time RSL scored the first goal in a match then disappeared from most of the remaining game?