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The Knee Jerk: RSL vs San Jose

or RSL vs marking Wondo

MLS: San Jose Earthquakes at Real Salt Lake Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

This one hurts. I’m ticked. Peeved. Enraged, even. What a stupid game to lose.

Let’s go with the obvious: guess what the all time leading scorer in MLS does really well. The answer is not knitting. It could be knitting. I don’t know how well Wondo knits, okay? I’ve never asked him about knitting. But he scores goals really well. Surprise.

Here I am on my couch screaming to mark, mark, mark Wondo. Why did they not listen?

And so here we are already

We’re at the what do we do about center back depth point? Silva’s chaotic play is a bit stressful, sure, but it just feels like there’s a piece or two missing on that depth chart.

He’s injury prone. We knew he’d be out. We knew we’d need coverage. We knew we’d need someone out there to mark Wondo at some point.

Two goals given to Wondo. Wondo did Wondo. What else was expected?

So there are absolutely pieces to fix.

First half

Okay. Let’s react to the first half. The first half was nice. The first half was fun. Dare I even say sexy? I do. It was sexy.

But when you don’t mark Wondo! <Insert a string of your favorite curse words here>

Rubin is sill a nice high point. That goal was spectacular. This loss makes me feel cranky and forget about bouncing around my living room Rubin’s goal.

And maybe mark Wondo. Who doesn’t mark Wondo?


Chris Wondolowski’s probably going to win the Golden Boot and the Landon Donovan Major League Soccer Player of the Year Mouthful of a Title Trophy because we’re not going to mark CHRIS WONDOLOWSKI!

Why’s everyone hurt? Doesn’t anyone know Cure Light Wounds? Eat more spinach. There’s balm in Gilead.

Thanks, Dunny. As a teacher I appreciate the shout out!

Mark Wondo.