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What we’re watching in Seattle Sounders vs. Real Salt Lake

RSL are on the road to take on a very good Sounders team

Lucas Muller | RSL Soapbox

Real Salt Lake are on the road after a thrilling home victory at the weekend. They’re taking on the Seattle Sounders. The Sounds are the only MLS team without a loss in 2021 and Seattle hasn’t always been the kindest place for RSL, but Real have had a decent start to the season as well.

The outside backs

While Aaron Herrera and Andrew Brody’s game against Vancouver may not have been perfect, it served to illustrate how crucial they are to the team’s success. Brody got an assist for the first goal of the game, and Herrera also assisted in the second and third goals of the game. Without their ability to create chances, RSL would not have won that game. Tonight, we’ll be watching to see if they can do the same against a very good Sounders team.

Everton Luiz

After a long injury spell, Everton Luiz returned to game play on Friday. Despite having once murdered a man in Seattle (or at least having the worst tackle in league history, according to some commentators) he’s likely to see time in this game. RSL’s best midfield is Luiz/Ruiz/Kreilach, and if Everton is up to start, he gives the team the most midfield bite.


Freddy Juarez got his substitutes exactly right in RSL’s last match. He brought in Erik Holt, who scored the game winner, and Justin Meram, who provided an assist on RSL’s final goal. It’s worth noting that those players came in at the 68th minute. They were both given time to settle in and get a feel for the game, and that paid off in a major way. Does that serve as a pattern for success for future games?

Injury report

No players injured

Predicted lineup