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Player of the Match: Defense shows strong despite 2-1 loss to Seattle Sounders

Yes it’s odd to give the defense player of the match in a 2-1 loss, but really, it could’ve and should’ve been worse.

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Seattle Sounders FC Stephen Brashear-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not all that often that you come out on the wrong side of a 2-1 loss and have to hand it to the defense on your team for how well they performed.

The reality of this game is RSL got unlucky on the late PK call that cost them the game. Justen Glad, and really, the whole defense kept RSL in a game that could’ve had them down 3+ goals.

No disrespect to David Ochoa, he played a great game, but a few big stops from Justen Glad and Andrew Brody were vital in this game. We are pretty used to seeing these two perform well this season, but lockdown defense was key against the second-leading scorer in the league.

RSL was able to get into the half-time break tied 0-0. A single defensive error found RSL down 1-0, but that was one of the only significant errors the defense made.

Seattle created many chances but was only able to net one in the run of play and the second on a penalty kick.

With six shots on goal, 16 shots, and even more broken-down attempts, the defense had its work cut out for it but only giving up one goal in the run of play is huge against this team.

Herrera, Glad, and Brody were a dominant force in this one and continue to be throughout the season. This academy-grown backline is proving to be worth the investment.