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Points of Obvious Refinement: Real Salt Lake vs Houston Dynamo

There’s a rut forming in the Rio Tinto stadium — will it take LAFC being in town to break free?

Houston Dynamo v Real Salt Lake Photo by Chris Gardner/Getty Images

Well, it’s been a hot minute since we’ve done this. Life comes at you fast and the craziness of the MLS schedule comes at you even faster. While these posts are ostensibly about the previous game, I’m going to talk about general themes to this point in the season and we can try to set ourselves back on track.

Darn Draws

This season hasn’t been death by a thousand cuts, it’s turning into death by twenty-eight draws. Yes, I’m well aware that there was a point towards the end of the 2020 season that I was writing this article and practically begging for draws, but it’s 2021 and this is a different team.

It’s becoming a tired idiom in the MLS, but you have to have a fortress in your home stadium. It doesn’t take a lot of draws to make a bridge and once the bridge is built your fortress is exposed as being nothing more than a stack of cement metal.

To pull the bridge back up the team has to start pulling in three points every time they’re at home. It’s not even a matter of playoffs or not at this point, it’s just a matter of making the most out of a full capacity stadium.

Wood in the Hood

It’s time to take the wheels off and let this newfound attacking group go buck wild. Saint Bobby Wood is here and is starting to put in enough minutes to make an impact. Since we started hearing the rumors of his arrival I’ve had this dream of him and Damir Kreilach becoming the ultimate odd couple. Scoring all of the goals and pillaging all the land as they go about spreading claret and cobalt cheer.

It’s the holiday weekend and we deserve some fireworks before the fireworks, This is America after all and the only thing we love more than shooting balls of fire into the sky during a massive drought and record heatwave is explosive counterattacks.

Bruised Bob

Bob Bradley and his side that actually hails from Los Angeles is a little on the ropes right now, but they’re still within touching range of Real Salt Lake in the standings. While I think Bob is a great coach and an icon in modern American hooligan fashion (bomber jacket Bob), I would very much love to see them take another kicking this season.

However, if the past is precedent, I think we’re in for a lot of goals and a lot of action in Saturday’s match. Both teams love hitting on the counter and both teams have one or two players that will shred you in the box.