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Player of the Match: Bobby Wood needs more minutes, Damir Kreilach deserves all of his minutes

Bobby Wood is Real Salt Lake’s third most productive forward, and the only one with fewer than 500 minutes to score more than one goal this season.

MLS: Austin FC at Real Salt Lake Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

It’s always easy to say the goalscorer was the player of the match. And in this case, there’s not a ton of either shining moments from this game. RSL played a decent game against an average team. It should’ve been more than a 1-0 win. But a 1-0 win is never something to complain about, so I’ll take it.

Bobby Wood needs to see the field more. He is RSL’s third most productive goalscorer, scoring a goal ever 220 minutes on the field. The only ones scoring more frequently? Anderson Julio who scores every 200 minutes and has only played 600 minutes.

The other?

Damir Kreilach.

Kreilach scores a goal every 191.5 minutes. Wood may only have two goals this year, but he’s only seen 440 minutes and just five starts through 24 games this year.

It’s apparent tonight what he can do in a game he’s given ample time to find his way into. This 10 minutes off the bench isn’t his style. He isn’t a super sub. He shouldn’t need to be.

Wood had a textbook snap down header to give RSL the lead tonight. He was dangerous most the night as well. He is the perfect person to find in the box and get a header or shot off. I think most of us would like to see the former US International get more time in claret and cobalt.

Plus, what’s not to love about that goal and celebration?

Wood’s daughter deserves her own honorable mention here, for tugging at all our heartstrings at the half hour mark of this one.

Additionally, Kreilach is not appreciated enough. He shows up week in and week out and is dangerous for RSL. He arguably should’ve found the back of the net tonight and continues to show RSL nation why he’s our lone All Star this season.