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Player Ratings: RSL 2-1 Houston

RSL did just enough to get the win at home.

MLS: Houston Dynamo at Real Salt Lake Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports

Zac MacMath - 5 Houston took a lot of shots and only one was on frame. That one was the one that got tangled in MacMath’s legs and ended up in the net.

Donny Toia - 6 Toia had a few plays that were pretty impressive as well as one or two that were soft giveaways. He was in the mix on Anderson’s goal and was credited with a secondary assist.

Toni Datkovic - 6.5 Outside of some messy zonal marking, Datkovic had a really nice showing in the back making plenty some savvy plays to stop Houston.

Marcelo Silva - 5.5 SIlva was a nice complimentary CB to Datkovic and played a clean game without any risky fouls.

Aaron Herrera - 6.5 What a game from Herrera. He played a really effective game on both sides of the ball essentially controlling that side of the field.

Everton Luiz - 4.5 Everyton had a hard time controlling the midfield and Houston had their way getting the ball up the field.

Damir Kreilach - 5.5 Dami put in the work, no question. He simply was not a very impactful player in this game against an inferior Houston squad.

Albert Rusnak - 6.5 Rusnak created some good looks for RSL and deserves credit for tracking back on defense to help RSL recover the ball in good spots.

Justin Meram - 6.5 Meram had a nice goal early in the game, his first of this season. He tended to trail off after that, losing the ball after working it higher up the field.

Jonathan Menendez - 6 Menendez was the one that took the ball away from Houston leading to RSL’s first goal. He wasn’t as flashy in this one as we are used to, but he made himself useful.

Bobby Wood - 6.5 Wood got the ball from Menendez on the early breakaway and made the right decision to find Meram on his left opening up RSL’s scoring account in the game.


Rubio Rubin - 6.5 Rubin came into the game early in the second half and had a critically important play to give Anderson the look at goal leading to a win for RSL.

Pablo Ruiz - 5 Ruiz did not have a huge impact on the game outside of bringing some speed and grit as a sub.

Nick Besler - 5 Besler was put in the back of the field and contributed to closing out the game for RSL.

Anderson Julio - 7 Julio deserves a ton of credit. This is the second time that he has found a goal with next to no playing time. He did not have much space to work with, but put it where it needed to go and gave RSL the full three points.

Maikel Chang - 5 Chang only had 10 minutes to work with but was able to get a shot on goal.