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Player of the match: Karate Kreilach strikes again against LAFC in 3-2 loss

Death, taxes and Damir Kreilach scoring in front of the 3252 to draw RSL level in a game

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Los Angeles FC Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Before we go any further into some very serious analysis of RSL’s loss to LAFC. Watch this video of one of the greatest goals in RSL history.

Now that you’ve watched that one, enjoy this one. Look at the scoreline that goal brings, and pretend it stayed that way for the rest of the 90 minutes.

Okay. Now that we have those two happy memories, let’s talk about Kreilach’s performance in RSL’s 3-2 loss.

That was the performance of a captain. I know I have said it time and time again and its old news that Kreilach is more than deserving of the captain’s arm band. But one more time for good measure.

Damir Kreilach, whether he wants or deserves the arm band or not, acts and plays like the captain of this team.

We saw it against LAFC tonight, and we see it in every game that he plays. He carried himself and the team with poise even after conceding a goal just 22 seconds in. All the praise in the world goes to Anderson Julio who also found the scoresheet against LAFC, but the behavior Kreilach has off the ball is why he’s my player of the match tonight.

Damir, Karate, Kreilach is one of the most consistently good players RSL has seen walk through its locker room in a long time, and he showed that tonight.

Also, a big shoutout has to go to Ted Unkle who actually reffed a pretty decent game tonight. Big thank you to him for not giving LAFC a penalty kick on that 50/50 call in the box. RSL shot themselves in the foot enough on the own goal, they hurt themselves enough tonight.

Overall, let’s look forward to Wednesday for the visit with the Earthquakes.