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The Knee Jerk: RSL vs FC Dallas

MLS: FC Dallas at Real Salt Lake Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

So let’s just ignore the first forty minutes of this match. We’ll pretend they didn’t even happen. If we do that, RSL looks pretty swell. If we don’t, well, RSL still looks okay, bu only because we pulled out a win. This team looked dejected, demoralized, and defeated starting this match out. But, hey, they turned it on and got a win at home.

Herrera is gold. I’m torn on weather I think he or Kreliach is having the better season with RSL, but they’re our MVPs for sure. Unless someone else gets a bunch of hat tricks rounding out the end of this season, I don’t see anyone else having a better season than those two.

That second half was the kind of response we needed from this team. Yeah, our defense isn’t exactly clicking. Our midfield isn’t playing so well, either. Who would have thought that it’d be Nick Beasler as our top central midfielder? Probably Beasler. And his mom. Definitely his mom. She knew.

And here we are again, just barely over the playoff line, two teams within three points, four teams within five points, and six points out of fourth place.

Now we look to other teams to drop points to keep us afloat. Now ever one of our dropped points becomes a point of scrutiny. I’m okay if we grind out some more wins like tonight, though. We just need those points. Especially against Western Conference teams.


I think Dallas were playing the wrong sport in our penalty area. You’re not sliding into home, Dallas. Stop trying to slide into home. That’s a different game.

RSL is on the hunt for a new coach. Who knows? It could be you!

But, seriously: this coaching hire may be the single biggest hire in RSL history. Let’s hope they get it right. We’ve had too much wrong.