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Albert Rusnak linked with LA Galaxy move — or potential MLS departure

Buckle up — it’s a wild ride out here.

Lucas Muller | RSL Soapbox

You can never rest during silly season, and here we are, right off the back of the Blitzer-Smith ownership news: Albert Rusnak has been linked with a move to LA Galaxy as a free agent — and he’s also been linked with a move outside MLS.

And while there’s a chance these are agent rumblings — you can never rule that out — neither of these sources are unreliable.

The first rumor comes to us from Keith Costigan, a play-by-play commentator and reporter for Fox Sports.

Well! That’s something, isn’t it? I wouldn’t have expected a move to LA Galaxy to be on the cards.

Then there’s this one, from SB Nation editor Jeremiah Oshan:

So, you know — who knows? I’ll be very curious where all this lands, and I think it’s just a matter of time now until we hear an outcome here. It does seem like Real Salt Lake is not in the running for his signature as things stand, but with an ownership group in place, things could change rapidly. Or maybe — just maybe — they already have, and that’s why no rumors are placing him back in Salt Lake.

I honestly don’t know what comes next, so let’s keep listening to the roar of the wave of rumors from the west coast.

UPDATE, minutes after posting

Who knows, really!