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Player Ratings: Austin 2 (3) -2 (1) RSL

Cordova started hot but RSL had all odds against them.

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Austin FC Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

Zac MacMath - 7 There was not much more that MacMath could have done to give RSL a chance. He had 9 saves on what felt like a few dozen shots after RSL went down a man.

Andrew Brody - 6 Brody had a great assist early on to put RSL in a great position and had other great plays as well. The downside came when his penalty was somewhat soft and ended up being saved pretty easily.

Justen Glad - 5.5 Glad had a bit of a slip-up when Driussi scored to pull Austin back into the game, but otherwise was pretty good.

Bryan Oviedo - 6 Oviedo gave us another savvy, standard performance as we have come to expect. He’s going to be an asset for a good while.

Pablo Ruiz - 5.5 Pablo was credited with the hockey assist and had a average game after that.

Braian Ojeda - 5.5 Ojeda did not make the flashy moves we are used to seeing from him in this game. He put in a nice shift, but his penalty was a bit overconfident.

Maikel Chang - 5 Chang had a largely unnoticeable game for much of the first half even when RSL started off hot.

Rubio Rubin - 3.5 Rubin made two poor decisions that really put RSL at an incredible disadvantage. The first was forgiveable - an aerial battle that in another game might not have been a yellow. However, the move that earned him the second yellow was absolutely unnecessary. It was a ball that he knew he wasn’t going to get, but he slid through the keeper anyways. That’s when everything got turned on it’s head for RSL.

Jefferson Savarino - 6 Savarino got a few shots off and helped the visitors be dangerous until they went down a man.

Sergio Cordova - 8 Cordova got a brace with a beautiful header and a well-taken PK. He does pretty good stuff when he’s playing with confidence.


Jasper Loffelsend - 6 This was a perfect situation for someone with Loffelsend’s motor. He was the first off the bench when RSL needed someone that could cover the space of nearly two people and Loffelsend did just that.

Nick Besler - 5.5 Besler got beat a couple times with the aerial balls and Austin got a couple good chances from it, but he did pretty well for not having seen the field much this year.

Bode Hidalgo - 6 Hidalgo looked comfortable and confident in what was surely the biggest game of his career. Seems like good things are coming from him in 2023.

Tate Schmitt - 5 Tate did not see significant minutes since the beginning of the season and came on and did an admirable job in helping defend. Unfortunately, the moment got the best of him when it was his turn to take the penalty and he sent it well above the goal.

Scott Caldwell - 4.5 Caldwell was the final sub and was in the unfortunate position of scrambling to defend when the ball got him in the arm in the box which breathed new life into Austin and sent the game into extra time.