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Let's Play GM with RSL’s 2022 offseason

Who wants to get out of the armchair and put pen to paper?

MLS: FC Dallas at Real Salt Lake Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone has their hot takes, and when it comes to Real Salt Lake’s 2022 roster, I’ve seen my fair share of them on Twitter, Facebook, and general conversations with other fans.

Inspired by the RSL Show’s episode a few weeks back “Cut, Sell, Keep”, I wanted to give the fans an opportunity to get their voices out there and tell the world what they wanted the RSL roster to look like going into 2023. But there was one thing that the RSL Show didn’t do that I wanted to throw in there.I wanted to look at some of the nuances of RSL’s roster like contract statuses, club options, and player salaries, and put it all in one convenient place. So I made a messy spread sheet and turned it into a Google Form!

What I hope from this is that as many fans as possible fill this out so I can use it as an RSL Fanbase thermometer and come back in a few weeks to analyze the results. I will probably wait to publish those until after the club releases their roster decisions just so we can compare what the fans wanted versus what the club actually did. So look forward to that at the latest by the 2nd week of November. Here’s the general layout of what’s happing in the survey:

  1. You go through each rostered player and decide what your offseason action with them is. Not all options are the same for all players based on contract status, so it’s a little more nuanced than just “Cut, Keep, Sell”.
  2. You’ll pick who you want to protect in the MLS SuperDraft. My list of eligible players may not be 100% accurate, but I feel pretty good about the list I put on there.
  3. For all you Real Monarchs fans out there, you have the chance to say who you would like to see move from a Monarchs contract to an RSL contract. This part is optional if so if you haven’t been following the Monarchs, you can skip that part if you want.

And that’s it! One final thing I’ll add is that this survey is anonymous so speak your mind without fear of trolling! I want to hear what you think! And most of all have fun! Use the embedded version in this article or the link below and share with your friends!

Let’s Play GM for RSL’s Roster 2022