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Three things to look forward to with RSL in 2022

There are a few things we should look forward to this season.

Lucas Muller | RSL Soapbox

There’s a sense of excitement around Real Salt Lake, and it’s not hard to see why. Real Salt Lake is starting a brand new season after making it to the Western Conference Final after most people thought they wouldn’t.

We have a new captain, whom everyone should know. We’re under new ownership who bring new hope after so many years of hardship. Let’s dive into why this season is going to be exciting:

New Ownership

We have a bright future with the new ownership group involving David Blitzer and Ryan Smith, along with others like NBA legend Dwyane Wade part of the group as well. It’s well known that Blitzer has many ownership stakes in teams across the world, both in soccer and in other sports.

We’ve seen the connection of Blitzer and his other teams in Europe pay off already with the loan signing of Sergio Cordova from FC Augsburg earlier this year. This is something that could pay off for the club, getting players who can improve the product on the pitch and being able to send players to Europe to learn from some of the best coaches in the world to get better. We need some depth in the center back and defensive midfielder positions and the new ownership group can help us improve those spots.

Captain Kreilach

Last year former Real Salt Lake player Albert Rusnak was named captain. Many people thought it was a good move, but many people wanted fan-favorite Damir Kreilach to be named captain instead. One year later, that wish has come true. Kreilach is the captain. From all reports surrounding the club, Damir Kreilach is a very kind person. He treats everyone with respect and spends time with fans signing autographs and taking pictures. From what Real Salt Lake president John Kimball said recently in an interview with Spence Checketts on ESPN 700, Kreilach is buying 100 season tickets to give to kids who may not usually be able to attend games. It’s amazing that he wants to give back to the community.

Stadium Upgrades

In the same interview, Kimball hinted at upgrades to the stadium. He wouldn’t say what the upgrades would be, because they want to keep it a surprise for the home opener in March. Some upgrades that are needed for the stadium are a new sound system, more water fountains, a new screen at the north end, and potentially a safe standing section. The last one likely won’t happen until next year at the earliest, but it’s exciting to think about.

There’s a feeling around the club that hasn’t been felt in a long time. It’s time to support the club as best we can. Show up to every game and cheer loud. Watch every game on TV. It’s a brand new era, and it starts soon.