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Soapbox Oracle - 2022 Season Predictions

The countdown to first kick has begun. Time to predict the 2022 season!

Once again it’s time for the Soapbox Oracle! Here’s your chance to predict the full 2022 season.

Can you pick where each team will end up in both conferences? Which team will win the MLS Cup? Who will be MVP, Goalkeeper, Defender and Coach of the Year? And of course how well will Real Salt Lake do this year - how many goals and points will we end up with, and will RSL make the playoffs?

Last year Zzyzx won the Oracle of the Year with 83 points - besting the next closest player by over 20 points! Only 22 people participated in the 2021 edition, can we double that this year?

About a week before RSL’s first game I’ll close the poll and give you a rundown of the predictions thus far. The survey will remain open through the first few weeks if you want to get a feel for how teams and players are starting the season.

Here’s the survey link if you can’t see it below.