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Player Ratings: New England 2 - 3 RSL

RSL showed true grit and won on the road.

MLS: Real Salt Lake at New England Revolution Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

Zac MacMath - 6 MacMath saved what he was able to save but got hung out to dry in a couple chaotic moment.

Tate Schmitt - 7.5 Schmitt is a changed man. He was one of the better players on the field for RSL to be sure, even when things weren’t going RSL’s way. He put the ball in some good spots and did well to immediately win the ball back for RSL on a few occasions. We were all left with raised eyebrows on the final play of the game when he whipped the ball to the far post and won the game.

Marcelo Silva - 5.5 Silva’s biggest impact on the game was not letting the team give up, even in the face of a 2-0 deficit. He is filling in well as captain for RSL while Kreilach is out.

Justen Glad - 7.5 Glad went toe to toe with Buksa and others and came out ahead more often than not. He also had a fantastic finish toward the end of the game to level with the Revs and gave us a laugh in the goal celebration on top of it.

Andrew Brody - 5.5 Brody was pretty good on defense but was unable to weave through defenders in the snow like he normally would.

Erik Holt - 4.5 Holt did alright for much of the game but got beat by Altidore on the second Revolution goal, plain and simple. He momentarily got caught watching the ball and he has to be better in that situation.

Scott Caldwell - 5 It was a very quiet night for Caldwell in his return to New England, not much there to take note of.

Pablo Ruiz - 5.5 Pablo played a little recklessly in the first half earning a yellow and then got beat by Boatang on the endline which ultimately led to a goal for New England. He had a great look around the 53rd minute that once again went way over the goal. Fortunately he did better as the game went on and picked up an assist on a great weighted ball on the free kick to find Glad.

Maikel Chang - 5 Chang had a half look at the goal early before he took a knee that resulted in him leaving the game early due to concussion protocol.

Justin Meram - 6 Meram did as much as anyone for RSL to get the ball forward and try to create some sort of scoring chance.

Bobby Wood - 6 Wood did some good things but seemed to play a little too direct at times losing the ball when pushing up the middle of the field. He did, however, put the Revs on their back foot enough for Cordova to have a chance to score and was credited with an assist.


Sergio Cordova - 6.5 The conditions were not ideal for a guy like Cordova who is trying to capitalize on an opportunity to play significant minutes. He was putting in the effort and ultimately rewarded with a nice goal but getting the New England keep off balance.

Jonathan Menendez - 6 Menendez came on and was able to draw a bit of attention allowing RSL to get some set pieces, one of which got the equalizer for RSL.

Everton Luiz - 5 Everton did not have a huge impact on the game, but did help hold things down to keep New England from being dangerous in the final minutes.

Jasper Loeffelsend - 6 Jasper only had a handful of minutes to work with but played the give and go to Schmitt allowing RSL to get all three points on the road.