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Player Ratings: RSL 2-1 Nashville

Another tough opponent, another three points for RSL.

MLS: Nashville SC at Real Salt Lake Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Zac MacMath - 8.5 MacMath was masterful against Nashville keeping them from scoring more than one goal off of eight shots on target. Outside of the Zimmerman goal, he was there every time when we all felt like Nashville was surely going to score.

Tate Schmitt - 8 One of the handful of storylines for RSL this season is the emergence of Tate Schmitt. He’s proving over the course of the first four games that he can excel at this level. His defensive prowess against Nashville was fun to watch - almost as fun to watch as the go-ahead goal that went through the keeper’s legs.

Johan Kappelhof - 6 Kappelhof got his first start for RSL, slotting in for an injured Silva and playing a solid game overall. He may need some time to better integrate himself with his teammates, but there definitely was no letdown.

Justen Glad - 7 Glad was a leader on the field again until he had to sub off due to injury. He is playing with more confidence than ever.

Andrew Brody - 5.5 Brody was good on the defensive side of the ball and a little ambitious on the offensive side of the ball.

Erik Holt - 5.5 The Zimmerman goal seemed to be a poor communication issue between Holt and Wood. Not a bad game, but a few too many chances came through his areas.

Scott Caldwell - 6 Caldwell won a surprising amount of 50/50 battles and rarely lost the ball. He played a reliable role as a defensive midfielder again.

Pablo Ruiz - 6.5 Pablo played with a bit more control in this game and earned an assist on the goal from Schmitt.

Maikel Chang - 6.5 Chang has a knack for making scoring chances happen. His final ball to Schmitt was a great spot for him to finish it.

Justin Meram - 6 Meram was great on set pieces but seemed to struggle a bit pushing the ball through the defenders.

Bobby Wood - 7 Wood set the standard for RSL early with a beautifully taken header that put the home side up early. He seemed to slow down a bit as time went on (due to illness we now know) but had another good showing.


Aaron Herrera - 6 It was great to see Herrera return to the field even if it was under less than ideal circumstances. He contributed in a big way to keeping Nashville from tying.

Sergio Cordova - 6.5 Cordova’s biggest asset against the boys in gold was his ability to protect and hold up the ball and keeping it in Nashville’s end of the field. He probably should have taken a scoring opportunity or two, but was effective at playing to his strengths.

Jasper Loeffelsend - 5.5 Another game, another insertion of Loeffelsend. He played some important minutes and antagonized Nashville.

Everton Luiz - 6 Everton looked hungry and played with a chip on his shoulder much to the dismay of the visitors. He really imposed his will in limited minutes.

Bode Davis - N/A