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Player Ratings: Sporting KC 1-0 RSL

Player Ratings: Sporting KC 1-0 RSL

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Sporting Kansas City Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Zac MacMath - 6 MacMath came up with three saves and the goal that got past him was not really his fault.

Tate Schmitt - 6 Another start for Schmitt and another good showing, more so on the defensive side of the ball in KC.

Jasper Loeffelsend - 5.5 Loeffelsend may be RSL’s newest Swilss Army Knife with the ability to step into a tough situation and adapt quickly. He is proving a valuable asset for RSL.

Marcelo Silva - 7 Silva returned from a relatively light injury and played with that same intense form we are used to since the end of last season. He once again captained the team and led them to a close battle in Kansas.

Andrew Brody - 5.5 Brody put in most of his work on the defensive end without much happening for him offensively.

Erik Holt - 6.5 Holt was tied for the most shots and shots on goal for RSL in just 45 minutes of play before he subbed off at the half. He probably could have done more with a chance or two, but overall had a good game.

Scott Caldwell - 6.5 Caldwell is Mr. Consistency for Real Salt Lake. He once again played a solid, disciplined game on the road.

Pablo Ruiz - 6 Ruiz was excellent on set pieces, putting the ball in great spots to give RSL scoring chances.

Maikel Chang - 4.5 This was not exactly Chang’s best game. He got in his own way a few too many times.

Sergio Cordova - 5.5 In his first start for RSL, one would hope for a bit more offensive production but he did get a half chance off.

Jonathan Menendez - 6 Menendez was a pretty consistent threat with some clear scoring chances playing his first significant minutes for RSL in a long while. He was unable to convert on those chances and likely stayed awake thinking about it.


Jaziel Orozco - 6 The 17-year-old played a great 45 minutes in what was surely a surprise debut. If this performance was any indication, Orozco is going to be a real contributor for RSL sooner than later.

Everton Luiz - 3.5 Everton was sloppy on the ball and lost it in some terrible positions, one of which led to the KC lone goal.

Rubio Rubin - N/A

Damir Kreilach - N/A

Chris Garcia - N/A