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Royal Roundup: Russia banned from numerous sports

RSL signs deal with UYSA, NYC sign 14 year old, US Soccer media deal, Chelsea up for sale, and more...

Syndication: MetroWest Daily News Daily News and Wicked Local Staff Photo/ Art Illman / USA TODAY NETWORK

FIFA and UEFA announced on Tuesday that all Russian teams, both national level and club teams, are banned from all competitions including World Cup, and UEFA Champions League and Euros. The move comes after multiple teams set to face Russia in World Cup qualifying later this month refused to play while the country was attacking Ukraine. Other sports organizations have also joined the ban including: ice skating, skiing, basketball, hockey, track, and some tennis events. Video game company EA Sports has also announced that Russian teams are being removed from it’s games.



  • [RSL]’s U-17 team notched 2 consecutive wins in No. California. The U-15 team split their games.
  • [RSL] signs landmark deal with Utah Youth Soccer Association.


  • [USSP] Incomplete MLS squads is the story for week 1.
  • [MLS] Gross overreactions from week 1.
  • [Goal][SI] New York City FC sign 14 year old Maximo Carrizo as a homegrown, ousting RSL’s Axel Kei as the youngest MLS signing by 14 days.
  • [Goal] Inter Miami pushing to sign Lionel Messi.


  • [SI] US Soccer has signed a new media deal with Turner Sports Networks to broadcast US Men’s and Women’s games on TNT, TBS and HBO Max.
  • [USSP] MLS teams comprise half of the Championship League quarterfinals.
  • [SI] USMNT defender John Brooks will leave Wolfsburg as a free agent this summer.


  • [ESPN][SI][KNUP][WAGNH] Chelsea’s Russian owner Roman Abramovich has placed management of the team under the stewardship of the team’s charitable foundation. He retains ownership, but has announced the team is up for sale.
  • [SI][KNUP] Leeds United fire their coach Marcelo Bielsa and hire American Jesse Marsch to try and salvage the season.