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RSL vs. Houston: Player of the Match

Houston had some problems

MLS: Houston Dynamo FC at Real Salt Lake Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Well, 3 points is nice. 3 points at home is even more nice. Jefferson Savarino returning to the lineup is really nice! Having three players who now have 3 goals on the season, and getting three goals in one match (after only having 14 total for the season prior), well, that is just great.

So, who gets the player of the match? Bobby Wood had a goal, his third on the season. Sergio Cordova had a goal, his third on the season. Justen Glad had a goal, his third of the season. Very nice! At the start of the season I think we all expected a different lineup. Most of expected David Ochoa in between the posts, and most expected our leading scorer at this point to be Damir Kreilach, who has hardly played.

Most of us did not expect that one of our center backs would be in a three-way tie for leading scorer. Speaking of things I did not expect at the beginning of the season, Maikel Chang being the assist leader with 5. His passes were sharp tonight.

And of course, Zac MacMath. What can you say about him other than he made some timely saves and for someone who wasn’t really expected to start this season, he has done a fantastic job.

So, who gets the nod? Tonight I am giving it to Justen Glad. He statistically won out. He played solid defense, won a number of ariels, made some great tackles, and played in a control way. His diving headed to put the nail in the coffin was fantastic!

And kudos to the Real Salt Lake for honoring the fallen in Texas and calling on us all to help put an end to shootings and senseless violence through advocating for better gun laws. Let us all work together to make this country a place where no child or parent of a child should fear for their lives by going to school.