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Player Ratings: RSL 3-0 Houston

The forwards scored and the defense roared.

MLS: Houston Dynamo FC at Real Salt Lake Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Zac MacMath - 7.5 Excellent showing from MacMath. He was on his toes and on point with his four saves.

Justen Glad - 8 Between his stellar defending and his header goal, Glad was fantastic. He showed us that he has made some improvements in his game and is quietly having his best season yet.

Andrew Brody - 5.5 Brody had a pretty quiet, yet clean game. He was effective in his defending keeping this under his control.

Marcelo Silva - 6 Silva captained the team again and put on a display of commitment and leadership.

Aaron Herrera - 6.5 Herrera reliably took care of business on his side of the field coming up with some great tackles and smart play.

Pablo Ruiz - 6.5 Ruiz did not get a goal or an assist but was the consistent creator for RSL on offense. His services was always in dangerous spots whether through set pieces or the run of play.

Jasper Loeffelsend - 5.5 Loeffelsend’s engine did not stop again with effort second to none.

Maikel Chang - 6.5 Chang is pretty consistently finding the right spot to put the ball and notched another assist finding Wood this time. He leads RSL with five assists thus far.

Justin Meram - 6 Meram was not quite as dangerous in the attack as he has been, but did find Glad at the end of the game to get a dime.

Sergio Cordova - 6.5 Cordova’s confidence is showing. He scored another goal with some poise in the box and seems to be gaining steam.

Bobby Wood - 7 Wood was RSL’s most dangerous player in the match. He found great spaces to threaten, had three shots on goal, and a nice streaking header to put RSL up first.


Jefferson Savarino - 6 Savarino got about 20 minutes and made a pretty immediate impact on the game. He created a couple scoring chances and looked to be in good form coming from Brazil.

Scott Caldwell - 5 Caldwell came on to help close out the shutout and his veteran wisdom helped do just that.

Rubio Rubin - 5 Rubin was active and involved and got a shot off in just 14 minutes.

Nick Besler - N/A