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Player Ratings: Nashville 2-0 RSL

It was a listless performance from RSL of the offensive side.

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Nashville SC Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Zac MacMath - 7 Sometimes there is not much more a keeper could do to help the team and make big saves and, somehow, the opposition still manages to score a goal or two. That was the case in Nashville. Even though MacMath made seven saves, RSL ended up losing by two.

Justen Glad - 6 Glad found himself scrambling often in this game because of just how much RSL was under pressure.

Andrew Brody - 4.5 Brody seems to have lost a bit of that ability to weave through defenders. He was largely ineffective.

Marcelo Silva - 6.5 It tells you something about the game when your center back had the most shots out of anyone on the team. Silva pushed the issue but to no avail.

Aaron Herrera - 6 Herrera was pretty good defensively but much like everyone else was unable to generate much going forward.

Everton Luiz - 5.5 Luiz played with a bit more positional discipline and had the highest pass completion percentage of any of the starters.

Pablo Ruiz - 4.5 Luiz put in the work, no question about it. Unfortunately, putting in work in this case means he was defending most of the match and was unable to calm things down in the middle of the field.

Maikel Chang - 3.5 Chang only completed 58% of his passes which is unacceptable as a a professional. He gave the ball away repeatedly and gifted Nashville some good looks going forward.

Justin Meram - 5 Meram was able to push the ball up the field as much as anyone, although it wasn’t much and it wasn’t very often. He had what could have been a goal but it was called back and rightfully so.

Rubio Rubin - 4.5 Rubin found himself contributing more on defense than on offense. His positioning was all over the field and he was not getting touches in areas that allowed him to be effective.

Bobby Wood - 4 Wood’s killer instinct looked like it was replaced with hesitancy and poor decision making, at times trying to take on multiple defenders.


Jasper Loeffelsend - 5.5 There was a bit of energy added to the game when Loeffelsend came on and even though it only turned things from very poor to poor, it was an improvement.

Nick Besler - 5 Besler came on and gave Marcelo Silva a break, but much of the same happened on the field with Nashville completely controlling the ball.

Julio Anderson - 5.5 Julio made his return to the field for RSL. He looked happy to be out there and gave Nashville something to think about, a welcome injection into the offense.

Scott Caldwell - N/A

Tate Schmitt - N/A