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Report: Sources confirm to ESPN that Utah Royals FC will rejoin the NWSL in 2024

Jeff Kassouf reports that the Utah Royals will join the NWSL in 2024

Lucas Muller | RSL Soapbox

Utah Royals FC are looking to rejoin the NWSL in 2024. That date has not been officially confirmed by the league, but Jeff Kassouf has been told by multiple sources that the team will start play in 2024.

This expansion news has long been rumored, as new Real Salt Lake owners expressed a desire to bring back the Royals to Utah from the first week of their ownership. When the Royals left the league at the end of 2020, the Real Salt Lake organization maintained the rights to the Utah Royals FC name and branding, as well as the right to bring back the team for a pre-determined fee in either 2023 or 2024.

After the successful addition of two California teams in San Diego Wave and Angel City FC, more potential owners are interested in bringing an NWSL team to their city. ESPN reports that over 30 groups have interest in owning an NWSL club. That high level of interest makes RSL’s right to reestablish the Utah Royals even more valuable.