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Player Ratings: RSL 0-1 Dallas

Poor giveaways and inability to finish are behind the player ratings.

MLS: FC Dallas at Real Salt Lake Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Zac MacMath - 5.5 MacMath made a save and had a couple of alert plays but was not overly busy.

Andrew Brody - 5.5 Brody had a pretty decent game but there did seem to be just slightly out of sync on a few occasions.

Justen Glad - 6 Glad was pretty solid in the back and helped keep Dallas from being very dangerous overall.

Marcelo Silva - 6 Silva was one of a few players that passed with consistent accuracy and was able to get two shots off.

Aaron Herrera - 7 Herrera had one of his best games of the season in what was a frustrating loss. He created good scoring chances for RSL that the other attacking players were simply unable to finish. He also kept his side under control.

Pablo Ruiz - 5.5 Pablo was pretty good on set pieces but also had a few errant passes in a game where RSL seemed to struggle to control the midfield.

Jasper Loffelsend - 6.5 The highest percentage passer for RSL on the night was Loffelsend. He ended the game with over 94% accuracy and also had a few plays where he played help defense winning the ball back for RSL.

Jefferson Savarino - 6 Savarino’s luck just was not there against Dallas. He had seven shots and none of them ended up in the net. Many of those shots he created himself.

Justin Meram - 4 Meram lost the ball softly in a terrible spot in the first half which led directly to Ferreira’s goal and ultimately led to RSL dropping three points. He had a few scoring chances that he did well to create, bu tthey all went askew.

Maikel Chang - 5.5 Chang was involved in some good build-up play and had some good moments where he showed why he deserves minutes.

Sergio Cordova - 4.5 Cordova had some clear chances to score again but was clearly in his own head when those chances came. The amount of chances compared to goals for him is inefficient at best.


Anderson Julio - 5 Julio tried to stretch the field but did not really come up with and looks at the goal.

Diego Luna - N/A