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Report: Ochoa target for big-club move, says Bogert

MLS: Conference Finals-Real Salt Lake at Portland Timbers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Out-of-contract goalkeeper? Top-division experience in a league that prizes goalkeepers? That’s the David Ochoa story, and according to a report today from Tom Bogert, it’s looking likely to end exactly how we all feared.

David Ochoa’s contract expires at the end of the year, and he’s been frozen out by Real Salt Lake. Whatever the reasons may be, other clubs don’t appear to be swayed by that, with Barcelona, Manchester United and Monaco three European clubs that are apparently looking toward the Mexican national team player.

Even if you want to think “ah, agent talk, right?,” I think there are a few things to consider here. First, goalkeepers with proven abilities are always in demand, especially if they can be had for cheap. You need look no further than Matt Turner, sold to Arsenal for a pricey sum from New England Revolution.

Second, first-team players out-of-contract are always in high demand. See Rusnak, Albert for more details.

Finally, it affirms that Ochoa is probably good, and that other teams are not afraid of signing a player with some difficulties at his current club. We might think long and hard about why that is, because the prospect of losing Ochoa not just on a free, but on a free to a club that absolutely would have paid out a multi-million dollar transfer fee, is uncomfortable at best.