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Player Ratings: RSL 1-4 LAFC

Cordova scored, Brody created, and others were somewhere in the middle.

MLS: Los Angeles FC at Real Salt Lake Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Zac MacMath - 4.5 There were two plays specifically in which MacMath came up big, but four goals ultimately ended up getting past him.

Andrew Brody - 6.5 Brody was one of the bright spots for RSL against the star-studded LAFC team. He had an assist early in the game and repeatedly worked the ball into the middle third of the field.

Justen Glad - 5 There was some good and some bad from Glad. He had some great plays where he showed his pace and others where that simply wasn’t enough.

Marcelo Silva - 5 Silva had a decent game but lost track of LAFC’s secondary runs a couple times. One of those times resulted in a goal.

Aaron Herrera - 6 Herrera gave the forwards and others in front of goal plenty chances to score, but they ultimately couldn’t finish those chances. That said, he did get turned on one of the LAFC goals.

Pablo Ruiz - 5.5 Pablo was frustrated with the ref, but maybe more so with his inability to get the midfield under his control. He did have a great shot that was unlucky not to go in.

Jasper Loffelsend - 5.5 Loffelsend put in a tough shift, and even though many might point the finger at him for the Acosta goal, sometimes the ball has a mind of its own. No excuses though, he made a simple error that LAFC was quick to take advantage of.

Jefferson Savarino - 5.5 Savarino went long stretches going unnoticed, probably because he was one of the players that LAFC circled on the whiteboard. He got four shots off, but none of them looked destined to go in.

Justin Meram - 5 Meram was not as effective as he usually is. His footing was a bit less sure and he tried to carry the team when they were down.

Anderson Julio - 5 Julio stretched the field just a bit, but ultimately was not much of a threat.

Sergio Cordova - 6.5 Cordova temporarily equalized the game early and played with more confidence than we’ve seen in the past handful of games. Hopefully he keeps up his scoring ways.


Rubio Rubin - 5.5 Rubin came on and got nearly a half hour to make an impact and was able to get a couple shots off.

Maikel Chang - N/A

Diego Luna - N/A