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RSL vs. LAFC: Player of the Match

Beat down at home, RSL struggles

Real Salt Lake v Sporting Kansas City Photo by Bill Barrett/ISI Photos/Getty Images

It was a rough match. LAFC had their way in this one, and really RSL didn’t seem like they were in the same class as LAFC. It might be hard to hear that, but it was true. It was hard to see what the game plan was. Were they trying to beat LAFC at their own game? It seemed that way. And yet, there were parts of the game plan that really worked.

RSL dominated possession and actually created a high number of goal scoring opportunities and the bottom line, the curse of the whole season: RSL couldn’t find a way to finish. We create opportunities that just don’t seem to end with goals. I am sure it is frustrating for the players, and I know it is frustrating for the fans.

Were there some bright spots? Yes. The crazy thing here is that Andrew Brody really held his own for most of the match against some really good LAFC players. He had over 30 percent of the attack coming his way and he did OK. He also got an assist and took 3 shots. Overall he was involved on offense and defense and earns player of the match!