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Player Ratings: RSL 3-0 Minnesota

Cordova, Savarino, and Julio each scored for RSL.

MLS: Minnesota United FC at Real Salt Lake Jeffrey Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Zac MacMath - 5.5 MacMath did the little that was asked of him on the way to a shutout.

Andrew Brody - 6.5 Brody notched another assist finding Julio with a perfectly weighted ball on one of Julio's patented runs past the last defender. Another good showing from the academy product.

Justen Glad - 6.5 Glad was a monster with some excellent recovery runs. He to show off his speed and skill plenty of times.

Marcelo Silva - 6 Quiet and steady has been Silva's motto this season. It was no different against the Loons. And the Savarino goal started with a great long-distance pass from Silva.

Aaron Herrera - 6 Herrera played tough with some good tackles but took a bit to sharpen up. Once he did, he made a fantastic pass to find Savarino at the far post.

Scott Caldwell - 6 Caldwell started in place of Ruiz and was very clean in the middle of the field.

Jasper Loffelsend - 6 Jasper did Jasper things and cleaned up a lot of messes.

Jefferson Savarino - 7 Savarino had a great goal making a well-timed run up the middle and ending it with a tap in. And while he was not credited with an assist on Cordova's goal, he definitely started things off. It was a pretty good showing for a guy whose body language was a bit off.

Justin Meram - 6 For as many minutes as Meram has put in this season, he looked energetic and in good form. He probably should have put a little more on a couple of his shots.

Maikel Chang - 5 Chang had little impact on offense and a few errant passes.

Sergio Cordova - 7 The nickname “Scoredova” is starting to stick a bit. Even though he looked a little gassed as the game went on, his hold up play was great and his goal was even better.


Rubio Rubin - 5.5 Rubio didn't have a huge impact off the bench, but undoubtedly put in a lot of effort.

Bryan Oviedo - 5.5 Oviedo had a decent home debut looking pretty comfortable and connecting well in the build up.

Anderson Julio - 7 Julio played the perfect role of coming off the bench and stretching the field on tired defenders. He pushes the ball past the keeper and slotted it home for RSL's third goal.

Diego Luna - N/A

Nick Besler - N/A