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RSL vs. FC Cincinnati : Player of the Match

RSL Facing Playoff Elimination: Who stepped up?

MLS: FC Cincinnati at Real Salt Lake Melissa Majchrzak-USA TODAY Sports

Player of the Match reports have been MIA. I also have not been watching any Batman movies, and RSL has not been winning. America First Field was Christened last weekend. Highlight of the weekend was not the match, but how my daughter was able to have her phone slip out of her pocket and into that tiny crack between steps leading up to the upper deck on the East side. If you want to see a sad, never to be recovered iPhone, just take a gander between some of the steps behind the executive club. The precision of that phone falling into that crack - well, it was more precise than RSL’s finishes, even if it was accidental.

Then RSL goes on the road and loses badly, and then comes home for a must win match, that was not won. So, who stood out? Is RSL just losing focus when they need it most? Are the lineup changes just not working? With 1 win in the last 7 matches, RSL is going from almost Western conference champs to not making the playoffs.

Jefferson Savarino won player of the match. He had an incredible feed for Chang’s goal. He stepped up this match, but could not carry the team, and could not score himself. His play was a bright spot for RSL, and the question is, with two matches to go in the regular season, and being below the playoff line, is there still a chance? Maybe not the way we have been playing, so can RSL turn it around?