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What’s next for RSL Soapbox?

SB Nation is ending their support for most MLS sites.

Los Angeles Galaxy v Real Salt Lake Photo by Chris Gardner/Getty Images

After over a decade of writing here at RSL Soapbox, that time is coming to an end.

I received an email this morning, along with many of our fellow SB Nation-run MLS sites (and, apparently, their entire NHL network), informing me that Vox Media is ending support for RSL Soapbox. We are obviously not alone in being disappointed and frustrated about the way this has progressed.

We have done important, valuable work at RSL Soapbox, and it will not be ending. It will no longer be here under the auspices of Vox Media and SB Nation, but we will continue. We are not yet certain where that will be, but we will rebuild.

Follow me on Twitter (@TheCrossbarRSL) if you’d like updates there. I’ve also put together a Substack, and you can subscribe there if you’re inclined, too.

Thank you all for your years of support here. I’ve done this independent before, and we can do it again. Our work’s not done.

As for now, if there’s breaking news, you can read about it here until March 1, but our efforts are going to shift toward something new.

See you there,