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Chris is an RSL fan and author of RSL Diary and the associated podcast. A developer by trade, Chris spends most of his days writing code and usually comes into work on Monday morning without a voice after screaming at the Real Salt Lake game from the weekend.

Uncertainty punctuates the future for RSL Nation

Where does Real Salt Lake go from here?

Early Observations of RSL Redux

Can we judge the RSL reboot five games into 2016? Are the lingering questions we had from last year's lackluster season getting answered by the changes this year? Breaking down what we've seen so far and what it could mean for the future.

RSL needs to do more than get better

Your Jedi mind tricks won't work with us, Cassar

10 things we can learn from RSL's 2015

Was this season a failure for Real Salt Lake? Maybe. But there are a few things that might point towards it not being a total waste.

Is RSL too reliant on Morales, Beckerman, Burrito?

When Morales, Beckerman and Martinez play together, RSL creates magic, and that's not necessarily a good thing.

Defensive woes continue, Schuler out for season

After undergoing successful foot surgery, RSL is looking at a 4-6 month timeframe before Chris Schuler returns to the pitch, and that means dealing with a second-choice centerback pairing.

Is RSL's MLS season still too early to call?

Abandon hope, RSL fans, our MLS Cup dreams are dead. Or are they? Real Salt Lake put in a solid performance on Saturday showing that they aren't out of the MLS Cup playoff picture just yet.