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RSL SHOW (90) - Have to show up to camp to take a step forward

RSL SHOW (89) - Stroke Josh’s ego

We beat the Galaxy! We played a sort-of-somewhat-kinda meaningful game!

RSL SHOW (88) - Academy scrimmage and some updates

There was so much to talk about from Sunday to Wednesday that we decided to jump into another podcast.

RSL SHOW (87) - Camp Is Open

The RSL Show (86) - Martín Vasquez and some academy stuff

Martín Vasquez joined us for a few minutes to talk about the academy, player development, and what brought him to RSL.

RSL Show (85) - Taylor Peay

Taylor grew up in the Salt Lake area, graduating from Brighton High School, and is what we all hope to see more of in the future — local kids making it to the first team.

RSL SHOW (83) - All of the things happened

We take a week off and ALL OF THE THINGS GET ANNOUNCED. This one is pretty long.

RSL Show (80) - Spencer Warne

Our good friend Spencer Warne joined us again to talk a bit of soccer. He's always game to give us his thoughts about all things RSL.

RSL SHOW (78) - Taran Meyer on Monarchs and Academy stuff

Taran Meyer stopped in to give us some Monarchs and Academy updates.

NWSL team gaining steam in Salt Lake City

The team is quickly building steam for the 2018 season.