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2017 Monarchs Dossier: Emilio Orozco

The lone returning member of the inaugural squad brings defensive intensity to his third year with Real Monarchs SLC.

2017 Monarchs Dossier: Max Lachowecki

Second-year Monarch Lachowecki brings a penchant for two-way play as he looks to 2017.

2017 Monarchs Dossier: Daniel Haber

A new signing for 2017, Haber looks to bring his experience and goal scoring proficiency to the Monarchs.

2017 Monarchs Dossier: Andrew Brody

Entering his second season with Real Monarchs, Andrew Brody looks to continue cementing his place as a midfield stalwart.

Developing Royalty: The top five all-time Real Monarchs players

We look at the best to wear the Monarchs shirt over the past two years.

Bridging The Gap: The History of Real Monarchs SLC

A quick refresher of (or introductory crash course to) the two-year history of our USL side.