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Randal received a BA in Political Science from BYU and a Master of Public Policy degree from the University of Utah. He also studied Spanish at the University of Valencia, Spain.

Player Ratings: NYCFC 6-0 RSL

There were not many individual performances to be proud of.

Player Ratings: RSL 2-2 Toronto

Cordova is getting more comfortable while Chang looked very sharp.

Player Ratings: Colorado 1-1 RSL

Mastroeni had to go very deep on the roster and still got a road point.

Player Ratings: Sporting KC 1-0 RSL

Player Ratings: Sporting KC 1-0 RSL

Player Ratings: RSL 2-1 Nashville

Another tough opponent, another three points for RSL.

Player Ratings: New England 2 - 3 RSL

RSL showed true grit and won on the road.

Player Ratings: RSL 1-0 Seattle

Many RSL players showed the right mentality against Seattle.

Player Ratings: Houston 0-0 RSL

RSL committed on defense and earned a clean sheet.

Who will be a breakout player for Real Salt Lake in 2022?

RSL Soapbox writers are placing their bets ahead of the new campaign.

Why Real Salt Lake is worse in 2022

While a new era may be starting, the beginning stages may be a bit rocky.