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Declarations from the Royals Court: Heartbreak is part of sports

You can’t win them all. And Utah sure didn’t win this one.

Declarations from the Royals Court: 2 Goals 2 Furious

Utah Royals FC scored two goals. In the same game. Madness.

URFC Show : (61) So this is what sitting at the top of the table feels like

RJ and Wirtjo chat the win against the Pride and the upcoming contest against the Washington Spirit

Declarations from the Royals Court: The curse of scoring one goal a game

This whole one goal thing is getting pretty old.

URFC Show: (60) Reach out to our contacts, Utah Royals Reserves, Carolina recap, Pride on the horizon

When you play the game of thrones you win or you die, and uh... we drew.

Why Rachel Corsie matters to world football

Rachel Corsie matters like Carla Overbeck matters. And Sun Wen of China matters. And Birgit Prinz of Germany matters. And Marta of Brazil matters.

URFC Show: (59) Make Sam Johnson’s Hair Pink Again + Mallory Weber

AKA, our shortest podcast ever

Declarations from the Royals Court: So they finally lost a match

Losing sucks, but what can we learn?

URFC Show: (58) USWNT, Red Star recap, eyes on Houston. AKA - Cindy agrees to eat a sock

Declarations from the Royals Court: The Power of the 1-0 Win

Winning 100% of possible points is, in fact, good.