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RSL finalizing Everton Luiz international transfer

2021 Player Profiles: Damir Kreilach

RSL’s new captain had a huge 2021. He’s our top-ranked player from last year.

2021 Player Profile: Everton Luiz

The enforcer, returning for another year, was a vital part of RSL’s 2021 run.

RSL linked with Sebastian Blanco, but sources say deal unlikely

Is Blanco a no-go?

The Silly Season Timeline: February 2020

Plenty happened, making February a mostly-exciting month.

Player Ratings: RSL 2-3 Phoenix Rising

Let’s break down who performed well and who struggled, and everything inbetween.

Soapbox Roundtable - 2020 Predictions

Here’s our predictions for this season, what are yours?

The Silly Season Timeline: January 2020

Still trying to catch up on the offseason? Here’s everything that happened with RSL in January. Yeah, there’s a lot.

The Silly Season Timeline: November to December 2019