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Coach's Quotes

Petke on RSL’s 4-1 home loss to Portland: “I got the tactics wrong”

"We’ll see what we’re made of," the coach said.

Mike Petke’s post-match quotes about refereeing in RSL vs. Minnesota United

The coach just added another legendary press conference to his arsenal.

Petke: “When we do something, we do it big”

Speaking about RSL’s big loss, Petke clearly wasn’t happy.

Petke doesn’t like sitting back, did anyway against Vancouver

RSL coach Mike Petke doesn’t fancy himself a park-the-bus coach.

Petke: Piatti phenomenal, RSL sloppy

RSL’s winning streak stopped at six despite a plethora of chances to avoid a loss.

Petke: Why RSL struggled to break down Houston

It’s not just about shooting practice for Petke.

Juarez unhappy with RSL’s slow start, praises response

RSL’s assistant coach took the reins. How’d he see the match?

Peter Vermes thinks RSL match was well-refereed

The gulf between Vermes and Petke widens.

Petke praises Plata’s turnaround, RSL’s listening

RSL coach Mike Petke has lots of reasons to be happy right now.

Coach’s Quotes: Petke frustrated by RSL’s finishing, remaining patient

The RSL coach relayed some wisdom from former RSL coach Jason Kreis.

Channel your inner Mike Petke (hair dye optional)

Join us in a celebration of Mike Petke press conferences by predicting a single sentence from the upcoming press conference following the Minnesota game later today.

Coach’s Quotes: Questions about players answered for Petke in 4-1 loss to Sacramento

The master of the post-match interview is back at it.

Petke: “I can’t protect people anymore” after 6-2 loss

After yet another awful loss, Mike Petke’s done protecting his players.

Coach’s Quotes: No positives for Petke in 5-1 loss

Mike Petke’s just ready to move on. Can you blame him?

Coach’s Quotes: Mike Petke will never be satisfied

Another match, another round of excellent Mike Petke quotes.

RSL makes strides in Petke’s vision

Real Salt Lake didn’t win, but Mike Petke’s not upset.

Mike Petke on why RSL released players for U-20 World Cup

Real Salt Lake’s youth movement has an advocate in its coach.

Petke says he didn’t prepare RSL well enough

RSL’s loss to FC Dallas has Mike Petke questioning his preparations — and a lot more.

Coach’s Quotes: Lackluster performance hits RSL again

RSL coach Mike Petke to media: “We have some players that need to step up.”

Coach’s Quotes: Petke is ecstatic about RSL’s win over Rapids

Real Salt Lake coach Mike Petke is already earning accolades for good interviews. It’s no exception after RSL’s 2-1 comeback victory over Colorado Rapids.

Coach’s Quotes: Petke’s first RSL win produces positives

RSL coach Mike Petke is happy with what he saw, but he’s far from done.

Mike Petke looking to iterate on RSL’s tactics

The RSL coach’s interview with ESPN700 laid out his tactical vision for the club.


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