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This Week in RSL: Harvey still likely for NWSL job, option deadline approaches

Not a whole lot of news came out last week. This week will be very different.

MLS: Sporting KC at Real Salt Lake Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been one of the slower weeks in Real Salt Lake for the year — perhaps doubly so because it’s been a busy year — but it hasn’t been a week without its own little blasts of news.

The big one? On Monday, we’re going to get the name of our NWSL team’s coach. Now, we’re still waiting on the name of the team (and I can’t wait to stop saying “NWSL team”), but we’ve been hearing a name for the coach pretty consistently: Laura Harvey. That seems to continue to be the case this week.

And that’s sort of the extent of the news. There are a few other things that happened, of course.

Jordan Allen is looking for a moving company?!?!

Wait. He’s asking Salt Lake City people for moving recommendations? Yeah, that’s not the sort of thing we should be freaking out about. Looking for local recommendations almost certainly means a local move, especially because Jordan Allen is a very smart kid.

He may just want to live closer to the team’s new practice facilities in 2018, because really, who wants to live 40 minutes away from Herriman?

So, yeah. Don’t worry about this one.

Positive news coming?

I’ve long suspected that we’ll be getting positive news sometime soon, and frankly, I’m surprised at the radio silence so far. I suspect the NWSL deal may have delayed some things slightly, but I’m looking forward to learning more about:

  • Kyle Beckerman’s future at RSL
  • Nick Rimando’s future at RSL
  • New signings!!!

Option exercise deadline approaches

Monday is not just when the club is announcing its NWSL team’s coach: It’s also when all MLS clubs not in the playoffs must exercise contract options. Here’s what the league says about this one:

Clubs no longer competing in the Audi 2017 MLS Cup Playoffs must notify the League Office in writing of (1) players whose options they are exercising and/or (2) players who are receiving bona fide offers, announced by the teams.

All roster decisions will be publicized by the individual clubs.

This is the first of several important dates in MLS. The expansion draft is coming in just a couple weeks, so “look forward” to that, and by that, I mean something much less positive.

Anyway, not a whole lot of news last week — but this week should be a much bigger one. We’ll look forward to the 11 a.m. Mountain option deadline, the NWSL coach, and hopefully — maybe — if we’re lucky, a name for said team.

Enjoy the second leg of the conference finals this week, too. I’ll be busy rooting for Columbus over anyone else.