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On Good Nights and Even Better Office Mornings

RSL’s win over Portland Timbers is provoking some strong reactions.

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Los Angeles Galaxy Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

After a few Google searches that were NSFW, I decided that it was probably better to not look for the clip that best describes the mood I was in coming into the office on July 5th. And then again on Tuesday, and yet a third time this morning. I’m sure a reader can figure it out quicker than I could, but the scene I was looking for features a guy walking into an office (probably wearing a red shirt) or something, and then the camera goes to a group of people gossiping. “He always wears red the day after he has sex,” they state. In another scene, a different man gets into a more private office and a buddy will come in and say, “Somebody had a good night!”

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Portland Timbers Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Now, I don’t mean to be vulgar or sexist, but I can’t really articulate how I felt, and what several others may have felt like as we walked into our offices those days without thinking of these scenes from movies that I can’t think of right now. Especially this morning, after a two game win streak which saw RSL outscore their opponents 10-3.

So, again, I don’t mean to be vulgar and turn these wins into something they aren’t, but it’s a warm welcome, isn’t it? I am friendlier to those who ask about RSL, I get more excited when they dance around the question they aren’t sure how to ask: “So… Have they, you know, picked up the slack?” and I am more eager to get work done because there is a new article, or a new highlight video, or a new analysis waiting for me to get done with each task. Still, there is a lot to be said about improvements that need to be made.

As Ben Smith mentioned in his article, and as Tony Beltran and Head Coach Mike Petke keep mentioning, there is still much to be desired from our team. Letting in two goals in the dying minutes of two games isn’t a habit (formed in the tail end of the Kreis era) that I’d like to keep seeing. And, even though I’m sure Petke and his staff are looking into the issue, it leaves a lot to be desired. I constantly remind my co-workers (and myself in the process) that there are baby steps required when building a successful team. The first was to stop conceding so many goals, later stop conceding early goals, and as it seems our focus has shifted to scoring goals, RSL may need a reminder when it comes to conceding late, but the system is working.

Kansas City is next, and although part of my mornings in the office have been better, there is no doubt that I will be nervous tomorrow and Saturday. Something about playing a rival, especially of the caliber that is SKC, makes me feel nervous. If we have a good showing, I’ll likely come in smiling every day until we beat Colorado in late August. If we don’t, then I apologize to my office mates in advance.

I’m not going to keep trying to find that movie clip. I don’t care enough to keep trying. My mind is off the win and onto the match against SKC. They never mention it in the clips, but I imagine that, at some point, the person who walks into their office on the morning after a good night eventually moves on. Shifts focus to another good night. And again, I do not wish to make this sound vulgar or sexist at all, but damn it all if beating SKC wouldn’t just be the cherry on top of a good month of soccer.

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Portland Timbers Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports