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Pre-season Review: How RSL might line up tactically in 2022

RSL changed things up tactically in their final pre-season games.

Why Real Salt Lake is better in 2022

There’s plenty of reason to be excited as a new era dawns for Real Salt Lake.

Three things to look forward to with RSL in 2022

There are a few things we should look forward to this season.

Why Damir Kreilach as RSL captain matters

It’s the only right move.

The Salt: Evaluating RSL’s 2022 roster so far

Is RSL better or worse off?

Who should captain Real Salt Lake following Rusnak departure?

Oh Captain! My Captain!

The Salt: Five reasons I’m excited for 2022

We’re just cresting a hill, and the view is great.

Who are David Blitzer and Arctos Sports, reported new owners of Real Salt Lake?

Let’s take a deep dive.

2021 in Review: Real Salt Lake’s Wild Ride

Let’s look back at 2021.

The Salt: Genuine excitement ahead of RSL vs. Portland

I’ve got a new attitude.

RSL vs. Seattle: Six questions with Sounder at Heart

The Salt: Shift the narrative from “the doubters,” RSL overcame 2021

Let’s recognize that there were real struggles for RSL.

Across the Pond: This is our moment, own it

Should Real Salt Lake be humble about the way they qualified for the Playoffs? I don’t think so....

Real Salt Lake vs. Chicago Fire: Four losers, one winner

Five winners, one loser from RSL’s 3-1 win over Colorado Rapids

It was an absolutely massive victory for Real Salt Lake. Here’s who impressed.

Rusnak, Herrera could make RSL history with double-digit assist season

RSL has never had two players in double-digit assists in a single season.

Four winners, two losers from RSL’s 2-1 win over LA Galaxy

You know who’s first on the list.

Reaction – Real Salt Lake’s coaching search broadens

We now know of ten possible candidates; our staff gives their response

RSL vs. Seattle: Four winners, one loser from 1-0 home victory

RSL vs. San Jose Earthquakes: Three winners, two losers from 4-3 victory

Across the Pond: RSL having an identity crisis

How does a club with no owner and no manager work out who it is?

The Salt: Chaos reigns at RSL with Juarez exit, as usual

Have we lost anything now, or did we lose it a long time ago?

Real Salt Lake vs. Colorado Rapids: One winner, seven losers from 2-1 loss

Point of Obvious Refinement: Houston to Houston and Back

It’s been a while, so let’s make a drawn out metaphor about the last 6 weeks of Real Salt Lake games.

Finding fault in RSL’s conceded goals in the last 10 games

Here’s what’s been going wrong.

The Salt: Same as it ever was at 2021 mid-point

It’s been quite a year.

RSL vs. LA Galaxy: One winner, four losers from 1-0 loss

It was a match to forget.

RSL vs. LAFC: Two winners, four losers

The spine of the team fell out.

What Andrew Brody’s broken toe means for RSL

Brody’s been one of the biggest surprises of the season, but a broken toe has derailed that progress.

The Salt: In praise of Damir Kreilach

Damir Kreilach continues his goalscoring ways — but when can we call him an all-time great?

Points of Obvious Refinement: Real Salt Lake vs Houston Dynamo

There’s a rut forming in the Rio Tinto stadium — will it take LAFC being in town to break free?

RSL vs. Seattle Sounders: Three winners, two losers

Rusnak makes an appearance in the Winners column after a strong performance.


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