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Gallery: Real Salt Lake 2-1 Seattle Sounders, March 30

The ever-fantastic photographer James Bosworth sends these photos from Real Salt Lake's 2-1 win over Seattle Sounders. Some highlights follow.

  • Celebrations! It's always good to see players excited to score goals — and even better to see them excited for their teammates. Of great fun are photos of Luis Gil's Bernie Dance celebration.
  • Nick Rimando looking a bit irritated after Brad Evans scores a goal.
  • Rookie standout Devon Sandoval working harder than 95% of established strikers in MLS.
  • Joao Plata looking terribly short next Michael Gspurning, who rather disappointingly kept Plata from scoring several times.
  • Olmes Garcia yet again with a magnificent grin on his face. Does he ever not have it? Good to see him enjoying his early days here.
  • Kyle Beckerman eying a pass — a forward pass, at that. That's what separated Beckerman and Alonso on Saturday. The Cuban was seen sending passings sideways and backward, while Beckerman preferred a more backward-forward combination.

Be sure to check out James Bosworth's photos on Flickr, too.