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Graff's Musings

Losing all hope was freedom

Should RSL aim to destroy something beautiful?

Now’s the time for RSL to become Petke’s club

Smack this club with a giant Petke stamp.

Point/Counterpoint: Everything will be fine/we’re hosed

There’s still life in this season. But maybe the season’s already going down in flames.

Is RSL aged?

Wine and cheese or vinegar and mold?

What is the future of coaching in the US?

Our new coach debuts this weekend. I have some thoughts about coaches.

Where is RSL tactically?

Thoughts on tactics and players and formations, oh my!

It’ll never happen, but could Arsene Wenger hack it in MLS?

I’m calling it now: Wenger to be RSL’s next coach. Or not.

Want better officials? Hire more women!

We’re missing half the qualified candidates.

Does RSL have an identity?

We did. I think we don’t. I wonder what it’ll be.

Choosing teams to dislike the least

Thoughts on MLS and RSL, a bit of history, and a ranking of all 22 teams.