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The History of Utah Soccer

Ten great Utah soccer club names

From the Golden Spikers to the Salt Ratz, Utah has a rich history of crazy names.

Soccer in Utah: Short-lived Utah Golden Spikers

Soccer in Utah: 1910-1919

The next installment exploring the history of soccer in Utah focuses on the pre- and post-war years of the First World War. The organizing and formalizing of the game in Utah both helped influence the national soccer authorities to restructure and apply for international membership, as well as endure the long absences of play during WWI. And on these foundations, buried under the ashes of war, the next era of football was built.

Soccer in Utah: Early 1900s see a rise in the game

This is the first in a series of pieces exploring the history of soccer in Utah. It begins with a look at the pre-1910 landscape.