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RSL Soapbox Fantasy League: 2013 Preview and Tips

Norm Hall

Joining the league

Joining the RSL Soapbox Fantasy League on is an easy affair: Simply join the league via this handy link or, if that fails, enter the code 193-1687 when you attempt to join a private league on As always, if you have questions, drop a line on Twitter (@rslsoapbox or @TheCrossbarRSL) or leave a comment here.

Top picks for 2013

Kyle Beckerman ... $8.5. Beckerman is a bit pricey, to be sure, but he will rack up defending bonuses and will almost always play at least 60 minutes, thus garnering more points. Unless he is called up to the Gold Cup, he's a solid option all year. Add in a slightly more active look for the player in preseason and the later stages of last season, and he might prove a real surprise.

Alvaro Saborio ... $10.0. Saborio is costly - like all top strikers - but well worth it if he can continue his form in front of goal. Should his partnership with Robbie Findley take off, he could improve on his not inconsiderable haul from last year. A return of 5 points for a goal helps here.

Javier Morales ... $8.5. Once he gets over his injury concerns, he'll likely be a good option again. Morales is good in key passes and assists, both key attacking measures, which could well help your team move the points along. I'd avoid him at the start of the season, but if he gets back to anywhere near his best, he's a must-buy.

Tony Beltran ... $5.5. Beltran is a good value at only $5.5. He plays almost all minutes in almost all matches and pulls in reliable points that way. He has a slightly lower chance of yellow cards than other defenders (only four issued in 2012), and could net points for crosses if he improves that part of his game. Defending bonuses are going to help as well.

Nick Rimando ... $6.0. Rimando's on the slightly expensive side for a goalkeeper, but the price range doest vary much here. He's as good a goalkeeper in this league as any, and if the defense improves on 2012, he'll receive points for shutouts.

Sebastian Velasquez ... $7.0. Velasquez doesn't represent the best return-to-cost value, but there's a chance he will be heavily involved in matches through the season. He won't play 90 minutes 34 times, but with some attention to injuries and absences around him, he could be an incredible addition to your team.

Robbie Findley ... $7.5. Findley is cheap for a striker, and he's looking more and more like the number-two to Saborio as the season comes into focus. Expect him to misfire a bit early, but he could become a very valuable addition to your squad.

Note: Not all RSL players are currently in the fantasy system. The most prominent: Olmes Garcia.

Real Salt Lake fantasy costs


Nick Rimando - $6.0

Jeff Attinella - $4.5

Lalo Fernandez - $4.0


Nat Borchers - $5.5

Chris Schuler - $5.5

Kwame Watson-Siriboe - $5.0

Aaron Maund - $5.0

Carlos Salcedo (not listed)

Tony Beltran - $5.5

Chris Wingert - $5.5

Lovel Palmer - $5.0

Kenny Mansally - $4.5


Kyle Beckerman - $8.5

Javier Morales - $8.5

Ned Grabavoy - $7.5

Luis Gil - $7.0

Sebastian Velasquez - $7.0

David Viana - $7.0

Enzo Martinez - $6.5

Yordany Alvarez - $6.0

Cole Grossman - $6.0

John Stertzer - $5.5


Alvaro Saborio - $10.0

Robbie Findley - $7.5

Joao Plata - $7.0

Devon Sandoval - $5.5

Olmes Garcia - Not listed.

Caution: RSL Soapbox is not responsible for the performance of players, as much as I'd like to think so sometimes. We're also not responsible for your picks outside of Real Salt Lake. Finally, we're not responsible for your Real Salt Lake picks, either. It's quite possible I'm wrong about all this.