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MLS Fantasy, Week Three: Schuler top pick, Grabavoy's back in

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Top three picks

Chris Schuler ($5.6): Schuler's on the up and he's likely to continue that way. He's proven himself capable time and time again, and against the Rapids, he's a lock to continue his dominance.

Ned Grabavoy ($7.4): Nedinho's a bit more expensive than most midfielders, but he presents a good option on both sides of the ball. He should be in the starting lineup after returning to the squad this week. He dropped $0.1 in his absence, so he could be a good value.

Luis Gil ($7.0): After a rough 60 minutes against D.C. United, you really saw the lights turn on for Luis Gil. His final 30 minutes on the weekend were fantastic, and I suspect he'll push on from there. Could that be the turning point in these early weeks?

Outside picks

Lovel Palmer is cheap ($4.9) and is likely to step in for the suspended Abdoulie Mansally. He showed well against D.C. United, and luckily, small mistakes rarely count against you in fantasy play. (See: Mansally.)

Dangerous picks

Abdoulie (Kenny) Mansally ... he's suspended for a match by the disciplinary committee, and there's a slight chance he'll be dropped if Lovel Palmer performs well in his stead. Stupid decisions cost players matches — sometimes.

Chris Wingert is still injured, as are Javier Morales and Nat Borchers — the latter two are closer to playing, though. Javier Morales is down to $8.3 — down $0.2 from last week — and could be a good choice.

Best from last week

Chris Schuler, 5 points ... This wasn't a great week for Real Salt Lake — neither in fantasy land nor in real life — and Schuler's five points are the best we had.

Nick Rimando, 4 points ... Abdoulie Mansally, 4 points ... Kyle Beckerman, 4 points ... Right, there's not much to say here.

Drops and gains

Lots of movement this week: Chris Schuler, Alvaro Saborio, and Abdoulie Mansally (your fantasy dark horse) all went up $0.1. A slew of players went down $0.1: Jeff Attinella, Josh Saunders, Lovel Palmer, Chris Wingert, Nat Borchers, Enzo Martinez, Ned Grabavoy, Cole Grossman. Javier Morales went down $0.2.

Join and discuss

If you haven't already joined the RSL Soapbox fantasy league on, why not? Have at it. The code, if you'd rather use that than a link, is 193-1687.

As always, you're encouraged to discuss your team in the comments.

Remember, changes to your team must be made by 11:15 a.m. MST on Saturday.