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MLS Fantasy, Week Five: Morales cost drops as he nears return

This week's top picks include Chris Schuler, Javier Morales and Devon Sandoval as Real Salt Lake looks to take advantage of a CCL-focused Seattle Sounders side.

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Top three picks

Chris Schuler ... $5.7 ... Let's put this simply: He's cheap — defenders usually are — and has grabbed more fantasy points than any other Real Salt Lake player. That's not so bad. Pick him up if you haven't already.

Javier Morales ... $8.2 ... Yes, $8.2 is a bit costly for a player that's been injured and not played a match to this point, but he's dropped $0.3 and isn't likely to drop any further. If you have the room to add him in, it comes recommended. If he hits anything approaching his best form, he'll rake in the fantasy points. He may come off the bench on Saturday, so this move should happen soon.

Devon Sandoval ... $5.5 ... The young number nine has looked very strong every time he's come on the pitch, and he's bound to be pressing hard for a start. If his hard work pays off and he makes the pitch, he'll get points, and there's always that possibility he could score. Somebody's got to if Saborio doesn't play.

Outside picks

Robbie Findley ... $7.5 ... At training today, Robbie looked as sharp as he's looked all season, and in the last match, he was impressive throughout. He still needs work, but he seems to be coming back into full fitness. From there, expect good things. Get him before he starts increasing his price by scoring goals.

Reviewing last week

Joao Plata ... 2 points ... Well, Plata started and that was what got him points, really. He was better in the match than he was in fantasy land, but that doesn't count for much when you don't score.

Devon Sandoval ... 0 points ... Sandoval came on late but didn't grab fantasy points. Surely you aren't taking my advice, right?

Nat Borchers ... 2 points ... Borchers looked good throughout and will look better, but when you concede two goals as a defender, you don't win many fantasy points.

Dangerous picks

Injured: Carlos Salcedo, Cole Grossman, Chris Wingert. Suspended: Yordany Alvarez.

Drops and gains

Enzo Martinez and Javier Morales both dropped $0.1 after week four.

Join and discuss

If you haven't already joined the RSL Soapbox fantasy league on, why not?Have at it. The code, if you'd rather use that than a link, is 193-1687.

As always, you're encouraged to discuss your team in the comments.

Remember, changes to your team must be made by 11:15 a.m. MST on Saturday.